Experiments with the #iPhone7 and a recent roundup. 


Long Mynd Magic. 

I had to go over the top to Church Stretton the other day. The views were stunning. It’s a pity I only had my mobile, but it’s captured some of the magic! 


Out with the old, and in with the…….mud!

So here is last nights sunset in the Shropshire Hills, my last of 2015:

It’s dropped cold in the last 36hrs or so. I went out for a run over Stapeley this morning, and there is ice, but not enough to freeze the mud! Here are my first shots of 2016. Happy New Year all!


Ethereal morning up top. 

The lighting in the Shropshire Hills has been a bit bonkers these last few days. It’s been manky and claggy, but there’s been a real strange hue to the colours in the cloud. 

It was somewhere between pink and yellow on the Bromlow Callow this morning. 


Saturday. A day of dramatic skies in the Shire.

We’ve had it all today in the Shropshire Hills. Sun, wind, rain, sleet, hail, snow and brooding skies!

The first two black and white photos were taken from the car on my mobile whilst dodging storms in the way home from Shrewsbury. The sky was apocalyptic!

The colour shots are from this evening. Sunset was fantastic from the Bromlow Callow looking towards Wales.