Experiments with the #iPhone7 and a recent roundup. 


Muderous and raucous corvids…….aka The Hooligans!

This lot live in a small woods about half a mile from here, but the recent harvest means they are scrounging the leftovers in the field behind our house. 

What’s been happening this week….. #LumiaTrial

Well, a few recent photos and a beautiful First World War piece from the (ahem) Daily Mail! 

This is the view from the iron bridge in…er…..Ironbridge, at sunset on Saturday.

This was the view from our back garden on Sunday afternoon….

And this was the view from Polemere towards the Breiddens on my way to work tonight. I loved the sunbeams! 

All of these photos are Lumia captures too. 

The final thing that caught my eye was this beautiful treasure trove of photographs from the trenches. Thank you. 


Ancient and magical Nipstone.


I’ve previously mentioned how my favourite photos usually come about by chance, and this is no exception. It rates up there as one of my personal favourites, but it happened by chance.

I’d gone up to Nipstone which is in the Stiperstones Nature reserve. I had my Sony A37 slung around my neck, as I wanted to try and capture a shot of the Devils Chair from the South.

Just as I crested the ridge, the sheep in the centre of the photo saw me and started to walk away. As he got quicker I could see he was going to be silhouetted against the skyline, and I rushed to get my camera ready. I fired off 3 or 4 shots in quick succession, and he disappeared.

Even looking at the screen on my camera, the photograph excited me, and I couldn’t wait to get it home, and once again, show off the beauty of the Biggest Little Hills.