Experiments with the #iPhone7 and a recent roundup. 


Some recent artistic renderings! 

Ive been travelling quite a bit recently, and have just got back from a month in the States. I’ve also been playing with some artistic apps on my iPad and have a few offerings from Shropshire and the Grand Canyon!

An overdue round-up! #ShropshireHills #LakeDistrict

Well, it’s a bit of a strange selection. We’ve got bits of Shropshire and the Lake District. Some at work, some at play. Some in the DSLR and some on the mobile! 

Muderous and raucous corvids…….aka The Hooligans!

This lot live in a small woods about half a mile from here, but the recent harvest means they are scrounging the leftovers in the field behind our house. 

“Weed” doesn’t equal ugly! 

The hedgerows were absolutely teeming with wildlife this afternoon. I’m pretty sure that most of these beautiful flowers are weeds/invasive species, but, they’re still rather beautiful. The burdock is my favourite. 

I was struck by just how much purple there is!