The Grand Canyon…..not quite the #ShropshireHills

I thought I’d share some hi res photos and videos from my recent time in the States. I hope you enjoy them. They were all shot on my mobile phone as I was watching my weight and not lugging my DSLR up and down the Canyon!


Some recent artistic renderings! 

Ive been travelling quite a bit recently, and have just got back from a month in the States. I’ve also been playing with some artistic apps on my iPad and have a few offerings from Shropshire and the Grand Canyon!

An overdue round-up! #ShropshireHills #LakeDistrict

Well, it’s a bit of a strange selection. We’ve got bits of Shropshire and the Lake District. Some at work, some at play. Some in the DSLR and some on the mobile! 

The SS America – Fuerteventura

In 2006 we were living in Germany, and decided to go on our first holiday “abroad” since our honeymoon in 1996.

It was quite early in the year, so we decided on the Canary Islands.

Whilst there, we hired a car, and had a few days driving around the island. Whilst looking at a map one day, we noticed that there was a shipwreck on the West coast of the island, and decided to take a drive out.

It was difficult to find, and the Fiat Punto we had hired wasn’t really up to the 5 miles of off road that we had to negotiate, but, we eventually got close enough to walk to the bay where the wreck was marked.

You can imagine our surprise when we arrived on the beach to discover a full on ocean going liner shipwrecked yards from the beach!.

We spent the day there, and had a wonderful time. We didn’t see anybody else for the duration, and felt privileged to have discovered this site.

When we got home, we looked into it, and discovered that we had come across the wreck of the SS America, which had a very interesting history and career.





Eight days in the Highlands.

It was 24 hours and 1200 miles of travel, but I’ve just had a fantastic 8 days of mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands. I’d never been as far North as Wester Ross before, but am very glad that we did. 

 I found the best wild campsite I’ve ever had the fortune to stay at, and was grateful to have spent time in this pristine environment.