It’s not all about Shropshire……..just mostly.


Occasionally, I do travel outside of the confines of Shropshire.

This year marked the 10 year anniversary of us moving to Germany from Edinburgh. It was also 10 years since our son was born in Edinburgh, and we’d not been back there since. Aaron was only a few weeks old when we left Scotland and drove to our new posting in Germany, and he has often asked us about other places he had lived.

We decided to combine a trip to Edinburgh, with a visit to Carlisle, where our 7 year old daughter was born, and like Edinburgh, we hadn’t been back there since leaving the Army.

It was quite an emotional few days for me. Seeing our old houses and places of work made me feel rather odd. Our house in Edinburgh appeared to be derelict, and the area was definitely on the decline.

It was particularly poignant to walk down to Cramond, as this is where we used to walk Henry, our boxer dog who sadly died 2 years ago. Until our children came along, Henry was like a child to us, and I found it quite painful to travel the paths he used to love walking along.

Edinburgh was fantastic, even better than I remember. I suppose when I lived there, I never really took the time to just be a tourist, and enjoy it. As far as cities go, it’s possibly the most friendly I’ve ever been to.

As a family we’ve all decided that it would be nice to make the trip more frequently, maybe every year or two, but certainly not every 10!

The photo is of the Forth road and rail bridges, taken from the beautiful small town of South Queensferry.


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